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All who are willing are welcome.
We work with all ages and abilities, all we ask for is effort.

Movement Analysis:

Our Movement Analysis is the start for everyone Storm Athletics. This introduction analysis includes gait, submaximal strength, and submaximal cardiovascular benchmarks to determine the proper starting point.


Fundamentals is the foundation of Storm Athletics. Fundamentals includes our nomenclature, movement standards, and several benchmarks. Fundamentals is comprised of two hours of personal training and eight group classes. 100% Personal Training is available if prefered.

Program Selection

We offer three tracks at Storm Athletics:

Group Strength and Conditioning.

Personal Training.

Semi-Private Training.







Our Philosophy:

The Gym is a tool, what are you using the tool for?
Do you want to win the next CrossFit competition?
What about an upcoming bike race?
Or, maybe, you’re curious about what you are truly capable of…

Whatever you are seaking, we can help you find it. We believe the first step is transforming the mind. When the mind says stop, the body listens. When the mind says go, the body listens. Can you tell your mind to keep going?

We use programmed, periodized training for all of our athletes at Storm. This way, we are safely able constantly push the boundaries of what is possible, while keeping track of progress and numbers. Always yourself “is what I’m doing making me better?” Are you truly training or just getting sweaty?

Our Values:

  • Purpose: Train for life. The gym is a tool, what are you using it for?

  • Program: Smart, progressive programming and hard work.

  • The Mind is Primary: Train the mind and the body will follow.

  • Master the Basics: Push, Pull, Breath. Execute the basics at a high level and the outcome will dictate itself.