2019 GOALS

Tell us your 2019 Goals and we will check in with you to hold you accountable and ensure you are on the road to success!

Need some ideas?

Here are some performance goals below: Note, mens goals numbers are based off of bodyweight and time. Numbers for men and women are different in most categories. (M/W)


  • 1RM Deadlift: 2.5/2x Bodyweight

  • 1RM Front Squat: 1.5/1.25x Bodyweight

  • 1RM OH Squat: 1.25/1x Body Weight

  • 1RM Bench Press: 1.5x/1x Body Weight


  • 1RM Clean: 1.5x/1x Body Weight

  • 1RM Snatch: 1x/0.85x Body Weight

Power Endurance:

  • 2000m Row: Sub 7:00/8:00

  • 1.5 Mile Run: Sub 9:00

  • 2000m Ski: Sub 7:00/8:00

  • 500m Row: Sub 1:30/1:45

  • 500m Ski: Sub 1:35/1:50


  • 10k Run: 50 Minutes or Less

  • 60 Minute Row: 15000/12000 Meters or More

  • 60 Minute Ski: 15000/12000 Meters or More

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