Using the Gym as a Life Tool

Do you work as hard as you can? Are you working as hard as you think you are? Think about yourself at work, at home, pursuing other interests. Do you commit or do you simply just show up?  If you want to be successful at anything, you have to push through self-imposed limitation to achieve what you have set your mind to. A good way to start pushing through these challenges is in the gym.

I use the gym to push boundaries both physically and mentally. As is with most things in life, many of my failures come from my mental limitations rather than physical incapability. I want to challenge you to put in a mental “challenge” in your training sessions. This challenge can be any part of the session, whether it’s the workout, supplemental work, or a finisher. Here are some I do to challenge myself, based on my weaknesses:

1. 2000m Row. It sounds easy, set the erg to 2000 meters and row as fast as you can. A good time for males is under seven minutes, for females under eight minutes. There is no running from this challenge - the computer is in your face, showing you your pace in real time.

2.“Can’t Vs. Wont”.  Row for 30 seconds, rest for 90. Start at 150 meters and go up by one meter each round (women start at 140 meters). The goal is to row as many intervals as possible, until you do not hit your split times. The goal is to go 150, 151, 152, etc. all the way to 180. If you miss a target and go 150, 151, 154, the next round you must go to 155. This teaches you pacing and control. If you miss a split time, it is not because you can’t, its often because you wont.

3. 100 Burpee’s (for time.) Don’t think - just go. This will challenge you to keep pushing, even when your lungs and legs are burning. Your head is telling you to stop, but your body can keep going. Grab a stop watch and go for 100 burpees in a row.

To improve upon anything, you must push past your perceived limits. Become comfortable being uncomfortable, and you will become a person who can make a difference. Those who are comfortable being uncomfortable know their capabilities should have no limit. Go out, be uncomfortable, and apply that experience somewhere else in your life where you can change yourself and others.

George Cullen