Holiday Cheer

Here are five holiday workouts to do on the go when visiting friends and family over the holidays. These workouts do not require any gear, can be done anywhere and can be done by the whole family!

MAX 5-4-3
Minute 1 and 2: 400m Run + Max Burpees in time left
Minute 3: Max Split Jump Squat
Minute 4: Max Push Up
Minute 5: Max V Sit Up
Rest Four Minutes
Three Rounds

In this workout, you’ll need a stopwatch or phone. You have two minutes to run 400m (300m for women) plus complete as many burpees as possible in the time left over. Minute three, complete as many split jump squats as possible. Minute four, as many push-ups as possible and minute five is as many V sit ups as possible. Rest for four minutes after completing the block, there are three blocks total in this workout. The goal is to keep moving during the working block and only rest during the rest block.


8 - MILE
8 Rounds: For Time
10 Air Squat
10 Push Ups
10 Sit Ups
200m Run

Start this workout by doing 10 air squats, 10 push-ups, 10 sit ups, followed by a 200m run. As soon as you finish the run, start your next round of air squats. The goal here is to complete the workout as fast as possible, resting only as needed.


200 lunges each leg
Every five lunges, do five push ups

This is a simple sounding, yet deceptively hard work out and can be done literally anywhere. Simply start doing lunges, every five lunges do five pushups until you have done 200 lunges per leg and 200 total push-ups.


5 x 5
Minute 1: 10x Push Up
Minute 2: 10x Lunge (each leg)
Minute 3: 10x sit ups
Minute 4: 8x Burpees
Minute 5: Rest
Five Rounds

In this workout, you will need a stopwatch or phone. In the first minute of work, complete 10 push-ups. The time left over in the minute is yours to rest. In minute two, complete 10 lunges each leg. In minute three, 10 sit ups, minute four complete 8 burpees, and minute five is yours to rest. Complete this circuit five times.


2x5 Air Squat
2x5 Jump Squat
2x5 Split Jump Squat
30 Second Burpee
30 Second Rest
Four Rounds
Rest 2:00
30 Second Split Jump Squat
30 Second Rest
Four Rounds
Rest 2:00
30 Second Jump Squat
30 Second Rest
Four Rounds
Cool-down Run

In this workout, the start is a simple warmup of two sets of five air squats, jump squats, and split jump squats. From there it dives into the firefight. The firefight is three blocks of bodyweight exercises. Each block has four rounds in it. Perform as many reps as possible in thirty seconds, followed by thirty seconds of rest. That’s one round, do a total of four rounds. On your last round rest for two minutes, that’s one block. The first block of four is burpees, the second block is split jump squats and the third block of four is jump squats.


All of these workouts should take between 10-25 minutes to finish, all can be done with no gear. Happy Holidays to everyone and let us know how these go for you!

George Cullen