Reinventing Your Evening Routine

Last week I spoke of a time audit – that post can be read here.  This week -  I challenge you to reinvent evening routine. By reinventing your evening, you will be able to save time in the evening and morning.  

 I want you to try:
Shut off all phones, computers, and distractions an hour before bed.
Write out your plan for tomorrow.
Pack your briefcase, tote bag, gym bag or whatever you use.
Pack your lunch.
Lay your clothes out
Read and relax.

 It has been proven the blue light from technology reduces melatonin production. This can mess with the body’s natural circadian rhythm. Even with blue light filters, the hormones and brain activity related to screen time is not conducive to sleep.

 When you write out your plan for tomorrow. This allows you to focus on what is most important. Write out the chronological plan to prevent lost time and three goals for the day. Make it a priority to complete those three goals.

 When you pack your briefcase, backpack, gym bag, etc make sure you include everything you might need – all chargers, water bottle, pens, notebooks, snacks. This way you are not scrambling in the morning trying to get packed. If you only have one iPhone charger… buy another.

 Pack your lunch in a container for tomorrow and put it in the fridge. If possible, lay out your breakfast as well. This will save you time in the morning or stop an unnecessary store-bought lunch.

 Lay your clothes out on your dresser or somewhere you know they will be. This stops the stress of “what shoes go with these pants?” “Oh shoot I wore that last Tuesday.” “where is my watch” and anything related to getting ready.

 Read and relax – let the stress of the day go, lose yourself somewhere in a good book, try and read for at least thirty minutes.

By reinventing your evening routine, it is possible to gain back lost time and more importantly, reduce stress. Storm Athletics is more than physical fitness, it is about psychological health as well. You cannot have one without the other.

George Cullen