Learn to Move

On a friend’s recent Instagram story I saw this:

“I don’t think 6 pack abs are wellness. 

 The Wellness industry is something that can be so great and so terrible at the same time. I’ll be the first one to get excited about adaptations, new workouts, and green smoothies.

 But we put so much pressure on ourselves to have the ‘perfect’ body, keep up with the latest ‘wellness’ trends, and to be as healthy as possible. To the point that it’s not healthy anymore. 

Six pack abs are not wellness, people. Especially for women. 

Keep your head down, do what’s best for you and don’t compare yourself to others. 

 If you like to run, go on a run. If you like to yoga do some yoga. If you like to walk, just walk.

 Be kind to yourself ladies.” 

  – Maggie Armstrong. 

 Can I get an amen?

 THIS is a problem we face in society.

 Guys want to be “shredded” with a defined chest, broad shoulders, popping abs and defined arms.

 Girls want to be skinny, with abs, and a butt.

 Notice – these are both aesthetic goals.

People put aesthetics ahead of performance, how we look vs how we move.

By placing an emphasis on looks, imbalances and injuries occur, both physical and mental.

I could go on and on about training methodologies and systems. About why these imbalances occur and what injuries are results of them.  

 Rather I want to issue a simple call to action:

 Learn to move.

 Learn to perform a task well.

 Fall in love with the process more than the outcome.

When I say perform, I mean achieve physical task. I want to challenge you to pick a performance goal and fall in love with the process of it. Do it because you love it, not someone else.

By doing these three things, performance will occur. When the body is able to move as it should, it looks like what it has been trained to do. When you have confidence in yourself to achieve a physical task, you are physically and emotionally more comfortable with yourself.

 I’ll just leave you with this again:  

 Learn to move.

 Learn to perform a task well.

 Fall in love with the process more than the outcome.

  - George

George Cullen