6 Do Anywhere Holiday Workouts


The holidays are coming up. This means traveling, lots of food, time with in-laws, etc. We have covered how a routine or habit takes 18 repetitions to form, but when we break that routine two, three days in a row, it is lost. Let’s go into this holiday season strong, armed with six do-anywhere workouts and styles. My purpose as a coach is to teach people. Not only to teach them how to perform exercises, but also how to think. Here are six workouts in six different formats. Feel free to mix up the movements in each style and you have infinite combinations to do at home:

  1. 10-1 Ladder Lunge Ladder + Wall Sit
     Perform 10 alternating lunges each leg, then immediately go into a 30 second wall sit. As soon as the 30 seconds are up, preform nine lunges each leg, straight into another 30 second wall sit. Continue down the ladder until you have completed all the rungs, ending with one lunge per leg resting as little as possible throughout. Try substituting: Push up with plank hold, or 10-1 Squat, Push Up, Sit Up, Burpee ladder.

  2. 12:00 AMRAP: Instructions: Grab a watch or phone timer and set it for 12 minutes: In those 12 minutes, complete as many rounds as possible of: 10 push-ups, 15 air squats, 10 sit-ups and 10 lunges (5 each leg). Rest as little as possible throughout, get in as many perfect reps in as possible. Try substituting: Burpees, Jump Squats, and Handstand Push Ups, Hollow Rock Hold.
    12:00 AMRAP
    a. 10x Push Up
    b. 15x Air Squat
    c. 10x Sit Up
    d. 10x Lunge

  3.  16:00 EMOM: Instructions: This workout is similar to number 2, however it is “EMOM style” or Every Minute, On the Minute. The faster you complete the exercises, the more time you have to rest before your next set. In your first minute, you will complete 12 burpees, second minute 16 push-ups, and third minute 24 frog hops (squat jumps). Your 4th minute is a rest minute to prep for the next cycle. Try substituting: Split Jump Squats, Hollow Rock Hold, Lunges, Hand Stand Push Up.
    EMOM: 16:00
    1st Minute: 12 Burpee
    2nd Minute: 16 Push Up
    3rd Minute: 24 Frog Hop
    4th Minute: Rest

  4. “28 Minutes” – Gym Jones 30/30 style. This is my go-to workout for no gear. You will complete five exercise blocks. Each block consist of 30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest for four sets (four minutes). Rest two minutes between blocks. It will look like this:
    a. 4x 30/30 Frog Hop, rest 2:00.
    b. 4x 30/30 Split jump squat, rest 2:00.
    c. 4x 30/30 Burpee, rest 2:00.
    d. 4x 30/30 Push Up, rest 2:00.
    e. 4x 30/30 Air Squat, rest 2:00. * During 30s rest, hold squat at parallel.

    Try substituting: Hollow Rock and Sit Ups for Air Squat, lunges for split jump squat, and bear crawls for frog hops.

  5.  Chipper: The Chipper – a CrossFit staple. In this workout, all movements must be completed before moving to the next. Complete all 50 burpees, all 100 air squats, 75 sit ups, then all 50 push ups. Because the sets are all it once, it sounds like a lot. Trust yourself and get it done. This should take between 7 and 15 minutes depending on fitness level. Try substituting: Lunges, Jump Squats, V-Sit Ups, and Plank accumulation

    a. 50 Burpees
    b. 100 Air Squats
    c. 75 Sit Ups
    d. 50 Push Ups

  6. Death by Burpees. The death by series... In this workout, grab a watch, in the first minute you will complete one burpee. Rest until the start of minute 2. At minute two, you will complete two burpees, rest in the time remaining. Continue until you can no longer complete the required burpees in the time allowed (10-25 minutes, depending on fitness level) Try this workout with: Air Squats, Lunges, or Push Ups.


By taking the frameworks above, you can create your own no – gear workouts to do over the holidays wherever you like. At Storm, we believe in teaching you to think and to understand the process – we are a full commitment facility:


Full commitment to the process.

Full commitment of walking with you through whatever it is.

Full commitment to teaching you, not only how, but also why.


 Let us know how they go and email us any questions or ideas at info@storm-athletics.com

George Cullen