Time To Make It Public.

Last week, Sarah wrote about her upcoming goals.

This is less of a blog about a specific subject and more about my personal goals over the next year.

I have had this goal written down for a while now, but it is time to make it public.

Gym permitting, August 2019, I am planning to attend the Gym Jones Advanced Seminar and come out of there having met the standards. To do this, I need to improve all areas of my fitness. I need to be stronger, faster, and better than I am currently. I need to shave 20 seconds off my 2000m row and ski. I need be a better runner. I need to improve my VO2 max. And… I need to be able to do an all-out minute on the fan bike without losing my lunch.

The bad news? It’s not going to be easy. When we moved from Michigan to Georgia, I did not touch a barbell for five months. I lost a lot of my fitness. Is this an excuse? No. I could have run, I had slam balls, kettlebells, and other stuff at the house. I simply didn’t do some of the work I could have. Now, I need to rebuild what has been lost.

The good news? I know I am capable of doing the tasks required. My top line strength is where it needs to be currently.

How am I going to do this?
By following a program. A program which is measurable with room to change due to unforeseen variables or results. A program where the emphasis changes with the schedule. The first is attacking excess body fat. I am about 5% too high in body fat at the moment. Reducing this number is crucial as I am essentially doing every workout with a 10lb weight vest on. Most of excess weight is diet related. I am going to refocus my diet on being leaner with less carbs. My workouts during this first month are going to be foundational in nature. After this month, I will test where I am again to really dial in the program. I want to be held accountable and therefore will be creating a new page where I will post the program and my training notes.

My strength is where it needs to be. The goal will be to just maintain it, I don’t feel like I need a hypertrophy phase as I am already big enough. My power endurance is an interesting one – I did a named workout, “those burpees suck”

10x Pull Up
20x KB Swing
30x Box Jump
40x Push Up
50x Sit Up
60x Burpee

My time was actually good. A few days later, I skied a 2k and my power output dropped dramatically to where it should have been. My endurance is also low as evidenced by my running ability at a Wednesday Night group I run with.

I am writing this as a note to myself of where I stand and where I need to improve on. When August rolls around, I want to be hitting a 6:50 2000m Row and Ski, a 9:00 Mile and a half run, and a solid 2.5+BW deadlift. Here’s to a fun nine months of training ahead.

George Cullen