Motivation – There’s no Such Thing.

There is no such thing as motivation. Let me repeat, there is no such thing as motivation. Motivation is fleeting, it exists for two seconds and is gone the next. People do not motivate others, they inspire others. This inspiration lasts only as long as the person is in a good mood.

Do you want to achieve your goals? You don’t need motivation, you need momentum. Why do people stop exercising? Because they have no set goals, no performance bar. There are five steps to achieving momentum.

First step: to having momentum - select a goal.
Second step: identify a method to achieve that goal.
Third: create a course of action. Hope is not a course of action (bonus points if you get that reference).
Fourth: execute your action plan.
Fifth: measure results.

My current goal is to achieve my old fitness standards by the end of the year. Right now, I am weaker in all areas of fitness than I was six months ago.  Here is how I found my course of action:

Goal: The old standards
Method: Three to four hard sessions per week with two easy recovery sessions to stack volume.
Course of Action: Hard days on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday with recovery days on Wednesday and Saturday.
Execution: Ensure I set an hour per day to train and have my training program written out four weeks in advance.
Achievement: Working on it. Today, I averaged 10 watts higher than last week on my 40 minute cycle.

No one pops out of bed and yells “ I AM MOTIVATED “ of their own accord. Those who get up, get things done and get on with the day are in the habit of doing so. Ever wonder why it is so hard to get back into a groove after a vacation or holiday? For most habits, it takes 18 unbroken repetitions till it becomes routine. It only takes two to three days of breaking the routine for it to have to be relearned all over again.

So, cut the crap. There is no more “Motivation Monday.” Create a course of action and follow through on it. Create your momentum and start down the path of meaningful change, not fleeting attempts.

George Cullen